A tour of my apartment in Mountain View, CA

Category : Life · by May 22nd, 2011

Thursday was my last final at Cornell for my junior year, and my brothers picked me up to go home. Today, Saturday, I flew into San Fransisco, California and shuttled my way over to Mountain View, where I’ll be living this summer.

My visit home was unfortunately ephemeral, but I still got to see a few of my friends, and I still got to hang out with my bros and family.  I’m rather anxious – in both senses of the word – to start working and meeting new people.  I imagine it’ll be like the first few weeks of freshmen year, in which everyone is abnormally extroverted but all conversation is limited to the collegiate version of “a/s/l.”

I am the first of my three, fellow Cornellian roommates to arrive.  In two words, my apartment is super baller.  Below is a quick tour:



Aeshna is my dear :)


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